Kiddies Mini Bundle

Kiddies Mini Bundle

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The back to school bundle created to celebrate our children as they return to school after a long vacation. it also helps mothers to shop for all the necessary items needed to create a fast breakfast for our kids who goes to school every morning. The contents of the bundle are as follows;A pack of Kellogg’s coco pops – 450g,A pack of golden morn -500g,A pack of cubed sugar – 500g, A pack Three crown Milk Powder – 400g, Milo tin -500g,Ideal breakfast and lunch combo for our kids. Buy one today for your child/ children.


  • Milo Tin -500g
  • A pack of Kellogg’s coco pops-450g
  • A pack of golden morn-500g
  • A pack of golden penny cubed sugar-500g
  • A pack of Three Crown milk powder-400g

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