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During the current scenario, grocery shopping can almost be like fighting for survival. With people fighting over the last bag of rice at grocery stores and websites running out of supplies every minute, it can be quite hectic to find the essential items that you require. It can be overwhelming to check websites every few seconds to see if grocery items are back in stock. It can be a whole different story if you’re searching for groceries in a supermarket. 

You may come across empty aisles or a shortage of supplies. Whether you’re struggling to order groceries for yourself or if you want to send food to Nigeria to your loved ones, you need to find smart ways to indulge in grocery shopping. In times like these, it’s crucial that you are ready to use some tips and tricks to take your shopping game up a notch. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with these simple tips.

Make a List For Grocery Shopping

Make a list of all the groceries that you require. Do this way ahead of time. Keep an eye on the supplies that you have in your pantry. If you’re running out of rice, plan and add it to your cart. This way, your order would arrive before your stock is over. It is essential to know which items are a staple in your kitchen. In Nigeria, parboiled rice, beef, spices, herbs, etc. are commonly used in the kitchen. Ascertain the amount of rice, flour, vegetables, fruits, and other essential items that you’re going to need in the next month and order accordingly. Some websites give advantage to specific payment methods. Go for those methods for extra savings. 

Be careful not to go on a buying binge. The internet is perpetually teeming with alluring things. Don’t fall for something that isn’t needed. Just think you have a fixed budget and find and buy only that for which you opened that website. Maintaining a list will help you to stay under your budget. But what you only need, not too much nor too little. No matter how great the discount. There might be others who need it more than you!

Add A Tip

At times like these, everyone is struggling to make a living. So, if you’re someone who can afford to give a tip to the delivery agents, make sure to do so. This will help the community, and the delivery agent might deliver your orders earlier than usual if he regularly delivers supplies in your area. It can help you maintain a good relationship with the delivery agents. Online transactions are the need of the hour, so be sure to keep the cash exchange minimal. Always make payments online or find alternative ways to pay for your order. 

Some websites allow you to pay a specific amount for tipping online. Cash exchange may only promote the transmission of the virus and increase the risk of catching it. 

Timing Matters!

If you’re going out to shop in a supermarket, make sure that you head out earlier during the day or times when the supermarket is more likely to be less crowded. This way, you will save plenty of time and also be able to grab fresh groceries. Timing is imperative even if you’re ordering online. Several stores open up their delivery slots at odd hours, so if you happen to be up during the early hours of the day, you may score a suitable timing slot. Slots are usually unavailable when there’s a high demand for supplies. You’ll be able to notice a sort of pattern once you start ordering regularly. Don’t wait until the last minute to order items. 

Check whether the delivery date is suitable. Sometimes websites and applications may show delivery dates that are weeks away. Make sure that you have enough supplies that will last you until then. 

Order In Bulk

Grocery shopping in bulk can be beneficial, especially if you have a big family. Packaged, canned, or dry foods can be ordered in a larger quantity. Such items are less likely to go stale, and so there are minimal chances of food wastage. Flours like bean flour, yam flour, rice flour, etc. are popularly used in Nigeria. You can order them in bulk to save money. Sometimes you may find free items with certain products if you buy them in bulk. Make the most of such offers. 

You can also look for substitutes for fresh items that can be stocked up. For instance, raw milk may go bad in a few days, but milk powder is an ideal alternative that you can stack in your pantry. Likewise, you can replace fresh tomatoes with canned tomatoes and freeze vegetables, which will stay fresh in the freezer. 

Find Food Distributors In Your Area

If you can’t find essential items on websites, apps, or local supermarkets, you can try to get in touch with distributors who provide local eateries and restaurants with supplies. You may even get amazing discounts or lower prices. You can ask restaurant owners to give you numbers or distributors in your area. You will be able to get fresh vegetables and fruits. If you live near a rural area, you can ask vendors or local farmers to give you extras. 

Some distributors may even require you to visit their warehouses or inventory facilities to buy essential items. 

Indicate If You’re Running Low On Supplies

Some websites have a ‘notes’ section under your orders, where you can specify if you have specific requirements. Be sure to let the grocers know that you’re going to be running out of supplies soon so that they can prioritize your order. Likewise, you can let your local grocery store know that you’re in need of essential items. Many websites display if certain items are low in stock or out of stock. You can also add a note and notify the grocers if some item in your order is ‘high priority’ and is needed on an urgent basis. 

Stay Updated

Discounts and deals can always be found in flyers. If you see offers on items, make sure to grab them. If you’re buying products whose prices are subject to change (for example, veggies or fruits), then, if possible, try to understand what price they are selling in your vicinity or your locality. Some supermarkets may charge extra for things that are available for much lower prices elsewhere. Staying updated about the pricing will help you save some extra cash. 

Find Grocery Pickup Services 

Street or curbside pickup services are gaining popularity like never before. The chances are that there might be services that deliver groceries to your curb or a parking lot. Sam’s club by Walmart is a popular service that offers curbside pickup in the US. These may be a lot safer than getting groceries delivered to your doorstep. Generally, they have several time slots that open up often. Add items to your cart and wait for the slots to be available. 

Always receive packages while staying a meter away from the delivery agent. Be sure to check whether the delivery agent is wearing gloves and a mask. Likewise, make sure always to receive packages while wearing a mask and gloves. 

As notified by authorities, public libraries in the US can offer curbside pickup service s so make sure that you find out about services provided in your area. 

Try Your Local Pharmacy

If your local supermarket and grocery stores have run out of supplies and it’s impossible to find them online, you may try to look for items at your local pharmacy. You will be surprised to know that pharmacists keep a stock of your essential daily needs. Toiletries and bathroom essentials can be easily found. If you’re lucky enough, you may find fresh eggs or other items. 

PRO TIP: If you see that your favorite brands have run out of stock, make sure to look for substitutes. If alternative options are available, snag them right away. There may be generic items that are much cheaper than branded ones and offer much better quality. Do consider switching to these during your grocery shopping. 

Stay In Touch With The Locals

Sometimes the locals in your area may know where you can find the best-priced supplies. Unfortunately, with physical distancing measures in place, you can’t meet your friends for a coffee and discuss the prices of local commodities. It’s best to join groups on social media platforms to stay informed. You can also stay connected with the local grocers to know when the new stocks of supplies will be coming in. Some websites in Nigeria, like Now Now Express, will help you find the best offers and deals on supplies. 

Lastly, make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables, sanitize your packaged items, and keep everything squeaky clean. These handy tips and tricks will help make your grocery shopping more comfortable than ever. Getting items delivered to your doorstep has never been more accessible. 

Whether you’re running from one store to another to find your essential supplies or if you want to have groceries delivered in Nigeria, Now Now Express will save you from the crowds at the supermarkets! Plus you’ll get to save a significant chunk of money. 

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