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The threat from the novel coronavirus pandemic has forced most countries to put their cities under lockdown. Citizens have been advised to follow social distancing, stay at home, take care of their health, and maintain personal hygiene. The worldwide lockdown has restrained residents of all cities from stepping outside and allowing going out only to buy essential products or during emergencies. All this has also led to new challenges for Nigerian immigrants and emigrants to travel and even to shop essential groceries.

During these challenging times, getting groceries can be a serious difficulty for everyone. Even if it sounds easier to go to the store, but if you venture to the grocery stores, you may find slim pickings in most of the aisles, that too wasting a lot of your time and risking yourself. The scarcity of needed products in grocery stores can go beyond delivery time slots. Most of the grocery items that people are looking for are running out of stock. The steps supermarkets are taking everywhere to make their locations feel safe can also make shopping more cumbersome. 

While having groceries online delivered and most importantly, a no-contact dropoff at doorstep means potentially less exposure to the virus. So it’s no wonder that you may find it a more convenient and safe way to shop groceries online. Here are seven simple tips for shopping for essentials during COVID-19:

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start grocery shopping, take stock of what you have in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Use this time to toss out any perishable food item that has spoiled or turned rancid and expired food products. Make an inventory list of what is required so that you have it handy when you plan order groceries. Make a list of every food item you need to buy, as this will avoid overspending and missing out on essential food products. If you are still not sure, you can also opt for a bundle of essential foodstuffs. It compromises most of the essential food items that one should always have in their kitchen.

2. Buy at least for a Couple of Weeks

Try to buy food items in adequate quantities that can be stored and supply for at least two or three weeks. This will eliminate any possible shortage or expiry of foods. If you don’t know what all will be needed a week from now, just start with the top 10 to 15 grocery items you usually buy for an average week and begin from there. For example: Buy semi-perishable items such as potatoes, which can be stored for a long time. People who have kids can stock breakfast bundles to continuing providing healthy and tasty breakfast every morning. Also, don’t forget to buy disinfectants and immuning boosting foods such as Green tea. Try ordering bundles instead of small quantity single food items.

3. Place Order After Midnight

In the new reality created by the coronavirus and all the protests happening around the world, a once-normal weekly chore, i.e., grocery shopping, has become a more intimidating task. A little bit of smart planning can easily make your grocery shopping a little less stressful. One quick tip that is great for late sleepers is to start checking out the grocery orders during the late hours of the night. Since the site traffic is low and you can easily browse through the product range and easily place your order in a hassle-free manner.

4. Advantage of Paying Online

A wise move is paying the bill online instead of opting for cash payments at the time of the delivery. As it is advised to use a cashless mode of payment as much as possible. This helps in eliminating the possibility of transmission of the virus while transacting with the delivery person as well as help in saving cash and not rushing to ATMs every now and then during the lockdown.

5. Keep Patient 

You may encounter brief moments when you’ll find it difficult to get your deliveries on time. Don’t panic at all as it has nothing to do with the supply chain process but with retail operations, who are continually trying to adapt to the situations and keep up during these tough times. They are extensively following all safety measures and imposed movement rules in most cities, due to which the delivery process might get a little delayed. But, your supplies will reach you in the shortest time and safest way possible.

6. Getting Deliveries

Online grocery shopping ensures the utmost safety as it allows you to receive the deliveries without in-person contact. You simply just need to ask the delivery personnel to leave the package in your preferred safe spot outside the house. While maintaining the 6 feet distance rule while collecting the order.

7. Don’t Forget to Wash Hands

Upon you receive the delivery, make sure to sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub with 60% alcohol or wash with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. This will ultimately deplete the possibility of contracting the virus.

While it might be becoming difficult for Nigerian emigrants and immigrants to go outside to buy essentials amidst coronavirus and all on-going protests, online grocery shopping services have become a lot more efficient and convenient in recent times. It is better to follow precautions and minimize the trips out to the public as much as possible. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, most people are shifting to online grocery deliveries to get essentials delivered to them and their loved ones as they try to stay socially distanced. It’s a great option, especially for those people who are at a higher risk from the virus.  

But if you have never shopped for groceries online, now may be a particularly confusing and chaotic time to start. As most of the grocery stores and supermarkets are stretched thin, dealing with increased demand. If you’re struggling to find the best option or if you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve have got all the essential food items for you. If you are looking to buy groceries online or get it delivered in Nigeria to your loved ones, Now Now Express is always here at your service.

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