Twinings Pure Green Tea Bags 20 – Count Pack Of 2

Twinings Pure Green Tea Bags 20 – Count Pack Of 2

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Gentle sencha steaming and pan firing creates this refreshing, earthy blend which retains its natural, distinctive flavour.

Springtime signals the first flush of our pure green tea. As dawn breaks and the dewy mist hangs in the air, the first buds and leaves are picked to lock in the fresh green flavour. Gentle sencha steaming and pan firing brings a light, toasty flavour to the tea, for a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Once given as a precious gift in China, let this gentle tasting blend be a gift from us to you.

How do I drink it?We suggest brewing this tea for a maximum of 2 minutes, any longer and you may lose the delicate taste. A


  • 100% Green Tea
  • Blended and packed in Hampshire

llow one single tea bag per person, boil the kettle and let it cool slightly before pouring.

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