Indomie Indomie Super Pack Chicken Flavour – 120g X 40 Packs

Indomie Indomie Super Pack Chicken Flavour – 120g X 40 Packs

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Super pack noodles is one of the best noodles, you will always cherish its great taste with your family and friends. It’s very tasty, easy to cook, and you can enjoy your noodle with stew or as jollof. Ready within minutes. It contains a lot of nutrients, calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat. It serves as food for both adults and children. It is quick serve and a delight to the whole family.

Thinking of moments when children have to be quickly served before or to school or outing. Thinking of moments when madam is not at home and you need to get something either for yourself or the children. What of something to keep you going when madam is not ready yet with food. A quick food in the office.This is the perfect meal.




  • Chicken Flavour
  • Affordable
  • Great Value for money
  • Premium
  • Kids Favorite
  • 40 packs of 120g


  • Weight : 120g
  • Simple to cook
  • High in nutrient
  • Great  Taste
  • Production country:Nigeria
  • Color: yellow

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120g X 40


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