Kid’s Grocery list – Buy Healthy Foods for Children

Groceries have become a challenge for us. When we were kids, our mothers never had the problem of feeding us healthy foods. They just selected the menu and fed us till our stomach was full. But now, it has become essential for a parent to fill the children’s stomach with healthy food rather than any food. Not all food items are healthy and natural. So nowadays a parent has to handpick the food items carefully and then feed their children to ensure their good health. Are you one of those parents who makes a grocery list thinking about their child every week. 

If you are one of those parents thinking about the health of your kids and immunity, read the below blog to understand the food conditions of the world better and how to purchase healthy foods?

Remove Non-organic Foods from your Grocery List.

Organic food has been gaining immense popularity nowadays. Even though there is a section of people concentrating on consuming these natural foods, that is another section of people who are entirely unaware of these concepts. It has become a common practice nowadays to use pesticides and other chemicals to increase the production of the food items and also to keep it fresh from decaying. 

According to a recent survey by the World Health Organisation, nearly 30,00,000 people all over the world are suffering from illness due to pesticides from non-organic food, and nearly 2,20,000 are dead after the consumption of these non-organic foods. Due to low production and the amount of work that goes into producing this healthy organic food, they are a bit costlier when compared to non-organic food. But when compared to the hospital charges you incur after consuming these non-organic food items, it is better to consume organic foods. 

So try to consume as much organic food as possible, and if you have some extra land or space, try to cultivate some organic foods for your consumption. 

Everything is Important 

As an adult, it becomes essential for us to follow setting diet restrictions like low consumption of Carbohydrates and bulky items. Some models have even gone to the extent of developing a ‘no carbohydrate diet’ or ‘no-fat diet.’ But in the case of children, there are no diet restrictions, and they need to consume everything in equal amounts. Every kid should have three regular meals daily combined with two snack intervals for maintaining a healthy diet. Recent researches convey that children who grew up with healthy dietary habits chose to follow the same in the future. So it is essential to influence the children with a proper diet during their early stages of growth. 

Moderate Carbohydrate and Fats

Recent research shows that the human brain cannot register when the stomach is full while eating carbohydrates and fats. So, this may lead to overeating of carbohydrates and fat-filled food items. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should completely neglect these nutrients. Our body acquires energy from the carbohydrates and fats that we consume regularly. So it is necessary to make the kids consume good carbs and fats that are healthy to the body and leave none healthy sources like chips, pizza, and other junk foods. 

Less Sugar and More Proteins 

Proteins are responsible for proper muscle building, and it is a must in our diet. Cereals and meat are the primary sources of protein that needs to be included in our diet. Along with protein inclusion, it is necessary to exclude processed white sugar. Parents can replace white sugar with organic brown sugar as they are much healthy and naturally processed. Reduce the consumption of white sugar-related food items like chocolates and other sweets as they may result in childhood diabetes and causes tooth decay. 

Vitamins and Minerals. 

Along with proteins and carbohydrates, it is also necessary to consume the right amount of vitamins as they are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Each vitamin has it’s very own purpose in our body, and the deficiency of these vitamins may result in diseases like Rickets, bone loss, loss of eyesight, etc. 

Deficiency is the primary reason for nearly two-thirds of children dying all over the world. So make sure to fill your child’s stomach with vitamins and minerals by including vegetables during their meals and make it compulsory for them to eat at least one fruit every day as a snack. 

Check your Grocery List

To maintain a healthy and nutritional diet for your children, make sure they consume the following food items in the grocery list given below.

  • Carbohydrates – Legumes, Cereals, and Rice. 
  • Proteins – Egg, Seafoods, meat, cereals, and grains. 
  • Vitamins – All types of fruits and vegetables can be consumed. 
  • Saturated or transfats – Dairy products, Meat, and Poultry. 
  • Natural sugar – It includes Brown sugar, Corn syrup, honey, and Jaggery.

Make sure all these food items are included in the daily diets of your children for a healthy lifestyle. 

Help your Loved Ones in Africa.

While we take care of our children with organic foods, many kids are dying in Africa due to malnutrition and lack of food. According to a recent research article by UNICEF, people living in Nigeria are racing against time to treat malnutrition in children. At least one in five children are affected by nourishment, especially in the states of Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe. Nearly 2.5 children living in Nigeria are malnourished. UNICEF is welcoming help from all over the world to help these children. Along with UNICEF, private organizations like Now Now Express are trying to reduce malnutrition in Nigeria by supplying fresh groceries to the people. If you care for your loved ones staying in Nigeria, then you can order food online for them from the US and Canada by logging into 

So, consume healthy and organic foods to lead a happy life. Think about the future of your kids every time before you prepare your grocery list every week. Eat healthily, and stay safe.

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