COMPARING A FRUIT showing customer judging the pros and cons of online grocery shopping

Hey! How much is it today for onions?

It is $2 per pound, sir.

What? $2?

Sir, don’t be disgusted. Is it your fault that the seller asked you to pay $2 for one pound of onions?

Simply NO.

It ought to be the wrong choice you made. Yes, more or less price goes according to the share of the item in the latest market revenue or what you can easily call: the production. But you should know that the price depends upon your choice also, whether you are shopping from any online e-commerce grocery cart or the traditional brick and mortar grocery market.


Online grocery revenue made its first penny way back in the 1990s, but due to lack of a proper guide of how to take the better from this type of e-retail business, it took a long time to reach its full potential ultimately.

Nevertheless, it has outgrown exceeding all the expectations in terms of catching the consumers, building a massive stake, and competing with the traditional grocery market. According to Statista, as of 2017, the e-grocery market had seen a year-by-year growth of around 18%. The US online grocery market reported a sale of almost $17.5 B in 2018, and they now expect it to rise nearly to $30 B by 2021.

Coresight reported that families doing grocery shopping online increased from 23.1% in 2018 to 36.8% in 2019 of US people. Also, TABS Analytics informed the growth of e-grocery consumers after their 7th annual report, and it shows that nearly 66% of them are going to be loyal to their bones.

But have you ever thought why this increase is?


We, humans, are prone to work less and live long, Isn’t it? The more convenience we have in our lifestyle, the happier we are. Here are some reasons why it is more convenient to shop for grocery items from the online grocery market.


Can you remember the queue the last time you went to buy your groceries from your nearest market? If yes, then good, and if not, then it is better. 

The online grocery market is there to provide you everything you want without making you stand in a queue. You don’t have to solve a puzzle anymore to get your car safely outside the parking lot.

Was that fun every time you did it after purchasing all the needs?


Every online e-commerce portal collects its products directly from the store, so there are no intermediaries to deal with. That’s why you get a lesser price on almost 25% of the products they offer, while for the other 75%, you get the same rate according to Anthem Survey.

Also, online platforms offer you coupons that work as rate cuts. So you can get a lesser price from the traditional market price on every product you want to buy, but you have to be a shrewd consumer to take the better of the e-retail grocery portals. 


You don’t have to worry about the price of any product you see in one e-market. You can freely compare its price in as many e-carts you want and then choose your deal. Also, you don’t have to quarrel with the seller to bargain your price. Purchase in peace!

The e-cart itself will calculate your total amount regarding your orders; you can safely buy it. No hassle to calculate yourself and convince the seller that you are right!


The merchants are well experienced to catch your attention. They will try to convince you to purchase their favorite picks you probably don’t need. Shopping online means you don’t get victimized by these marketing tricks. Yes, they provide their ‘deals of the day’ to promote people to buy those things more, but they don’t make you fool of that.


Running against the clock for buying the needs makes you exhausted, and when you have to turn up for your office after that, you get almost pinned into the coffin. Purchasing those items online might help you save your energy for the day. You can easily order those on a grocery e-cart and expect to get the delivery very soon. Save your energy to eat more food!


I can easily remember that my father used to go to the market while also taking me with him in my childhood. I won’t say that it was not fun from my end, but it is somewhat kind of an extra burden for the parents while shopping.

You might know more regarding this.


We, humans, are born to make mistakes. You may forget some items while purchasing. But it hurts a lot more to go again to buy those from the appropriate stores. Online Marketing is a kind of a solution of significant value to this concern. Just choose your item again on your preferred portal and proceed for checkout to get that. As simple as that.


You can purchase your needs when it is most convenient for you because, depending on the portal you choose to buy from, you can select your delivery speed according to your needs. They will consider your request whether you need it very urgently or you can wail for 2-3 days. No need to run to your nearby shops. They serve the things you need at your convenience.

Also, many grocery e-commerce platforms deliver as your wish like you can have your items directly delivered to your house, or you can choose store pickup. You schedule a time and go to the nearest hub they have and collect your order.


Many of the recent online grocery e-carts offer you the automatic purchase option. This opportunity is made only to save your time as well as money. You have to make a list of the things that you need in a scheduled fashion, like repeating after two weeks or repeating after one month and select your delivery plan. They will continue to deliver you the things while you don’t have to order those again and again.


While online grocery shopping is gaining its value and demand, most of us still prefer the traditional bricks and mortar grocery shopping. A recent survey from TABS Analytics on 1000 adults (18+) from the USA shows that almost 92% of grocery transactions are done through the typical go and purchase marketing while 99% of those adults still prefer this traditional grocery shopping. Though the demand for conventional shopping is dropping every year, people still are either unaware of the benefits of Online grocery, or they don’t like it simply. But why?

No system is perfect for its users. It is of no exception to this case also.


Although online shopping is making people do their job while they serve for us, buying food without ‘actually touching it’ might seem like an abstract idea. We follow the footsteps of our seniors, isn’t it? They used to pick the item in hands and feel its quality by measuring their expectations.

I guess you also like to do that yourself always while marketing groceries. Online grocery shopping won’t give you the chance to pick your items yourself. You can start your inspection only after you get your orders delivered.


As some delivery points always promote higher delivery charges, while you are saving your time, you might end up spending more money sometimes.

 In the context of delivery, you may know that by 2017 only 35% of the online stores in the US offered home delivery or nearest store pick up services. But we can expect a quick resolution to that concern as 2018 has seen it increased to 42%. 


Well, sometimes you may miss out on your needs. You may see that the item you want is stamped as out of stock. Annoying!

Sometimes stores run out of their products due to high demand, and sometimes it becomes a constraint to deliver an item to a particular point.


This is a real regret. If you are one of them who loves to interact with people and also very tidy about your fruits and juices, then online shopping might not be the best solution for you. You will always miss ‘the joy of hunting’ your best picks.

What you can do is to split your menu and purchase from both the platforms. 


If fish and meat are regular in your house, then you expect to eat those fresh. Online Grocery platforms might not be able to deliver you fresh produce in terms of fishes and meat.


Nonetheless, it is ultimately your choice where to buy from. But you should try every option open to you to get your best fit. Also, online grocery portals, as well as traditional markets, both are free to access. You should weigh your options to conduct your lifestyle more easily.

So, now, if you are searching for an online grocery platform now to try and get your best fit in the first pick, we are here at Now Now Express to offer you the convenience you want with the fastest delivery all over the world. Click here to start your journey.

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