Send Groceries to Nigeria Instead of Sending Money

Contemporary Nigeria is pretty messed up with numerous crises, including severe food scarcity and food contaminations. But no worry, you can send groceries to Nigeria, ensuring healthy and fresh food for your loved ones through genuine and trusted means.

Your loved ones in Nigeria will not only get the required groceries and other requirements, but you will save your money too. This happens because of the service-oriented agencies that deliver groceries from the USA at a competitive price.

Secondly, day to day cash transactions in Nigeria involve a lot of risks resulting in various dangerous implications. 

Theft and pickpocketing are daily news on Nigerian roads and the market. Encountering snatchers, notorious individuals, and groups are not new in Nigeria, and they are life-threatening too.

Therefore, people abroad who wish their loved ones in Nigeria have sufficient and hygienic food are intelligent enough not to send money. Instead, they act prudently to directly send groceries to Nigeria from USA through reliable, low cost, and fast delivery mechanisms.

What are the Reasons to Send Groceries to Nigeria instead of Money?

You can send not only groceries but many other items that your loved ones may need and that they purchase from the uncertain Nigerian local market.

Above all, why should you send grocery and not money to your loved ones in Nigeria is a potential question. Know why you should send grocery and other essentials instead of money below:

Purchasing groceries in Nigeria can be expensive: 

Everybody in the world knows that Nigeria has a severe food crisis. 

Despite the efforts of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and Jumia e-commerce, the agricultural products are yet to meet the growing demand of the Nigerian population.

Eventually, the average food cost and the price of groceries have gone up extensively. It costs incredibly less if you purchase from the US and send groceries to Nigeria.

Consumption from the local Nigerian groceries is not safe:

The local Nigerian grocery stores often sell contaminated and unhygienic raw food materials and other numerous consumables. 

As per Professor Alfred Ihenkuronye, around 200,000 people in Nigeria die every year due to food contamination. Food contamination in Nigeria primarily happens because of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, chemicals, and poisonous metals like lead or cadmium etc.

Food contamination in Nigeria can be defined as the presence of harmful microorganisms and chemicals in the food stuff. Eventually, the presence of mycotoxins in the food stuff is responsible for highest recorded aflatoxin level that causes widespread HCC liver cancer in Nigeria. 

mycotoxin in its various forms not only causes liver cancer. They also cause chronic and acute health hazards such as central nervous disorder, cardiovascular, intestinal tract, and pulmonary problems in Nigeria.

Inorganic cultivation with maximum use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, and improper food processing, preservation and service lead to food contamination.

Contaminated food does not necessarily taste bad, it also often tastes and smells normal. But it kills thousands of Nigerians every year.

The raw materials and food ingredients are normally sold in open markets on ground or tables at muddy places and filthy gutters in Nigeria. In addition, almost all buyers have the habits of touching the food stuff to feel the texture and check the fitness of the materials.

Dealing with cash is risky in Nigeria:

Cash transactions in the open market are always risky especially in places where the crime rate is higher across the world. Niger is one of the countries which tops criminal records including cyber and drug-related criminals.

As per the statistics of NUMBEO, the crime rate in Nigeria is 63.41 against the safety rate of 36.59 in comparison to other countries in the world. The following is the detailed report of crime rates in Nigeria that is alarming and frightening.

  • Nigeria has one of the highest drug addictions of 64. 27 ratios in the world.
  • Crime concerning vandalism and theft is higher in the country with 68. 83 including 71. 90 ratios of assault and armed robbery cases. 
  • Corruption and bribery are no less in Nigeria constituting 85. 28 which is one of the highest in the world. 
  • Chances of being robbed and mugged are equally very high in Nigeria at 68. 29, along with stealing of cars (61.10), theft from a car (65. 61), and attacked by robbers at 60. 23. 

Therefore, it is safer to NowNowExpress from the USA than take a risk and deal cash in the open market in Nigeria.

The eCommerce and e-delivery system in Nigeria is frustrating: 

The top-ranked eCommerce companies are extremely slow in rendering the services. For example, the loading speed of is slow at 2.253, is very slow with 3.765, and is very slow with 6.58. 

Similarly, a study by Oluwafemi Osho reveals that 55.4% of total eCommerce sites publicly confess that they rarely check and ensure the security and privacy of the customers. 

The study further reveals that 18.1% of eCommerce agencies have zero knowledge of Firewall; 31.3 % do not know about SSL. Besides, 37.3% eCommerce in Nigeria lack SET, 42.2% do not know about encryption, and 41% sites have no site certification. 

Oluwafemi Osho is from the Department of Cyber Security Science, Federal University of Technology, Mina-Nigeria. 

Based on the study of Oluwafemi Osho and the team, online shopping through Nigerian eCommerce is not a good option. Instead, the safest and easiest way for you is to send groceries to Nigeria using a US-based establishment who are well-versed with the technology and the operations involved in eCommerce.

Sending money to Nigeria is expensive: 

Sending money to Nigeria from abroad is too costly, and you have to pay numerous charges for an international money transfer. 

Let’s say you need to send $150 to your family in Nigeria. Then, here’s what you should expect:

You will need to pay a transaction fee, which would be equivalent to about 3500 Naira to send an amount of $150. In addition to this, you may be charged 1000 Naira more as the exchange rate margin by the money transfer agency. The transaction of your $ 150 usually starts after you pay close to about 4500 Naira. 

The story does not end here. Once the money reaches your loved ones, they often spend a good amount of money on traveling to ATM; then there are ATM withdrawal charges, they go to grocery stores, then travel back with groceries to home, and whatnot!

Well, this is just the minimum that happens every single time!

 So, what are the Advantages if you Send Groceries to Nigeria?  

You are endangering the lives of your loved ones when you send money and encourage them to deal with cash in the Nigerian market. 

You are further putting them at a health risk of extensive food contamination, robbery, and internet fraudulence. Instead, if you directly send grocery to Nigeria from USA you will have the following advantages:

Your loved ones in Nigeria will get healthy and hygienic groceries of your choice without taking the trouble of running to ATM and grocery stores. They will avoid spending extra money on unnecessary travel from getting cash from the ATM. 

Besides, they will also avoid the burden of getting back home with loads of groceries, possibly by hiring a taxi.

You will be relieved from paying extra charges for money transfer to Nigeria. You can save money instead of paying for unnecessary exchanges.

When you send money, your loved ones spend a lot of their time just to use it, forget about buying groceries for the market. On the other hand, when you send groceries to Nigeria using Now Now Express, it is delivered within three hours.

And there are discounts!

You get $ 10 on every order of above $ 200. The service provider gives you a 30 days money-back guarantee and sometimes offers free delivery to Nigeria.

Above all, the user-friendly eCommerce site of Now Now Express instantly processes your order without any delay.

The bottom line of the entire discourse is, it will be an injustice on your part not to send grocery to Nigeria from the USA when your loved ones are waiting eagerly in Nigeria. On the other hand, if you send money, you are increasing the burden of the people whom you care about. 

Therefore, the best option for you is to immediately take action by registering on NowNowExpress and pleasantly get the grocery delivered safely right at the doorstep of your loved ones in Nigeria.

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