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Covid-19 or coronavirus is making the situation bitter with each passing day. The outbreak of coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation as it is severely impacting countries worldwide, and the most concerning part is there is still no proper network of vaccines and medications available for this. 

Being in the delivery of groceries in Nigeria, it is our responsibility to ensure that your loved ones get the best at this time. It would be best if you avoided crowded places like grocery stores yourselves and ask the same to your friends and family in the US and Nigeria. So to stay safe, stay away from gatherings and all sort of crowded places. 

Lassa Fever and Coronavirus in Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, specific temperature screenings and practice of hand sanitizers before arriving in social spaces are on the rise to prevent the virus and, along with that, all the infectious diseases which may come with it!

Nigeria is awaking to be the world’s biggest epidemic of Lassa fever, which is a viral infection fatal than coronavirus. Apart from this, the detection and confirmation of Covid-19 coronavirus in Nigeria raise multiple questions about Nigeria’s capability with a leading widespread of the virus. 

How is the Nigerian government Dealing with Covid-19?

In a press conference in Nigerian Capital, Abuja on, the Nigerian Minister of State for health, Osagie Enahire ensured the journalists by saying, “Social awareness movement on hygiene is under conduction.” He also assured that the Nigerian government is doing everything to contain the virus.

An Italian man who wandered from Milan, Italy, has become Africa’s leading cause of coronavirus. He is now hospitalized in Lagos. When asked about this case, Enahire said, “Health consultants are helping people who wandered with the patient.”. 38 of 156 people who toured with the man on the Turkish Airlines flight on February 25 have been under consultation, he added.

The situation is not good, but you don’t need to panic. We have to face this pandemic, and together we will come out of it very soon! And when we know the precautionary measures, we can do it efficiently as well. Let’s start by avoiding grocery stores yourself and do your bit so that your loved ones are safe too! Sign up on Now Now Express and place your order today to get it delivered in Nigeria within just 3 hours!

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