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Remittances play an instrumental role in the development of small countries. Countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and many such African countries have benefited significantly from remittances. The reports of the world bank serve as a testimony to the development of African countries. Reports reveal that the cash remittances of Nigerian migrants were close to a whopping 25 billion dollars in 2020. 

However, among these remittances, cash remittances make up a larger share. On the other hand, food delivery in Nigeria and food remittances form a very small part. Moreover, the exorbitant price of inter-countries exchange creates a challenge for Nigerians to get food.

Well, when you have a support of Nownowexpress, an online store that removes delivery and financial constraints, then there is nothing to worry about!

Challenges in buying food through cash remittances.

There are advantages of cash as it helps one to pay their bills, fees and what not as Nigeria is not very well known when it comes to technical infrastructure. However, when it comes to buying food and groceries, there are some problems that, apparently, are being ignored if not being denied. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. High Transaction Fee on Every Cash/Online Remittance

When a Nigerian receives food through a cash remittance from USA, he has to pay a hefty transaction fee and then exchange rate margin which may range from 2% to even 10% of the total transaction fee. Let’s take a live example.

Just to understand the gravity of the situation, if you are sending $150 to your family in Nigeria, first you need to pay (let’s say 5%) $7.5 just as a fee which roughly calculates to ₦ 2750. However, if you place an order on Nownowexpress for food delivery in Nigeria, there are no transaction fees, any hidden exchange rates or even delivery charges if you place an order of more than $50.

2. Social Norms Morphed into Denial

Most of the Nigerians are unaware of ordering a food delivery service in Nigeria through an online portal. In fact, a majority of them, to this date, prefer to go to a local grocery store and buy groceries in hopes of getting what they see. But seldom is it true!

They are simply unable to, or up to some extent, they are in denial of recognizing some of the deficiencies in this process! As a result, they fall prey to unhealthy food which then causes further health-related complications.

3. Environmental Issues that we are not paying attention to

It’s not just the local grocery stores that may have unhygienic storage, but the process of buying the groceries and taking them home. Usually, when we take into account the entire ‘grocery shopping’ process, we just think of one parameter, is the food good enough for the buyer? Well, yes, this factor is paramount, however, another crucial factor is also equally important.

Every single day, hundreds if not thousands of Nigerians travel to ATMs to withdraw their cash remittances, then visit the grocery stores with the cash in their pockets to buy and then get back home. Apart from the inconvenience, this leads to hundreds of public and private vehicles burning fuel every day. Yes, you may say that it is a very low amount but that’s there!

How NowNowExpress Wants to Bring the Change in Nigeria?

Nownowexpress takes the concept of food remittances from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and around the globe to Nigeria and converts it to a simple e-commerce platform. Unlike the conventional way when you first send money via wire transfer to Nigeria, and then they visit local stores to buy groceries and essentials using that cash, Now Now Express incorporates a unique way of delivering everything to Nigerians. 

Our customers who use the services of Nownowexpress to get fresh food and groceries delivered to their loved ones in Nigeria avail the following advantages.

1. Door-to-door delivery in Nigeria within just 3 hours

Instant food and grocery delivery in Nigeria is just not possible without the help of partners and that’s why, Now Now Express has tie-ups with:

  1. Verified retail grocery stores which store and have the ability to pack unadulterated and fresh groceries and essentials.
  2. Best local logistics and delivery representatives who can ship any order from the seller to the buyer, 
  3. Technical and financial analysts who ensure that the entire customer experience is seamless, and
  4. Customer support executives in USA, UK, Canada and Australia who are available 24×7 to help the customers in each and every possible manner!

2. Shop from a Range of Genuine products

You may find hundreds of e-commerce platforms, some just claiming and others selling thousands of products by millions of sellers from across the globe. However, on Nownowexpress, all the enlisted products are available, ready for delivery and at the most affordable price! 

Be it fresh food, groceries, meat, livestock, baby products, electronics or fashion accessories, Now Now Express has everything you need to send to your loved ones in Nigeria without thinking for a second about the authenticity! 

Last but not the very least,

Cash remittances has its importance and food remittance has its limitations. But if it comes to getting fresh groceries delivered in Nigeria, the right choice should always be the latter. If not today, then someday very soon! Accessibility, authenticity, convenience, affordability, and delivery are more than compelling reasons to opt for Nownowexpress and we will be waiting for you to register on our platform for food delivery in Nigeria from USA.

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