Send food to nigeria from usa now

Food is the basic need of all the creatures in this universe. As a human, each individual responsibility is to make sure all the fellow humans are being fed properly. But we are living in a prosperous world, but many people are dying because of food. Food remittance can solve this problem. The world’s food production is more than sufficient. Actually, we are producing 0.5 times more food. Still, people in Nigeria and other African countries are dying of bad quality food and lack of food. 

Hence, it is the need of the hour to save precious lives in Nigeria by sending food from the USA, rather than sending the money. 

Let us look at the solution to avoid this most dangerous problem. 

Is Food Remittance actually required by Nigerians?

The better solution seems to send food to Nigeria instead or along with money remittance. The more good quality food goes to Nigeria the better it is for the citizens.  

As per the 2016 American community survey, there are 380,785 US residents who originated from Nigeria. The US Nigerians send the money to their home (remittance). But there is also a necessity of sending the food to their homeland. With the money, they can buy the food, isn’t it? The answer is yes, but it will not solve the problem. Because officially it is confirmed that every year over 200,000 people die because of food poisoning. Hence sending the food is the better option to look into. 

Avoid sending all in terms of the money. 

Since the quality of food is poor in Nigeria, sending food from the US is the better option. Instead of getting money, if they get food, it can avoid the loss of many lives. One has to improve food quality and processing in Nigeria. But it is the long-term solution. As of now, the focus should be on avoiding the most precious lives. 

There is a point in avoiding the immediate threat and focusing on the root cause thereafter. The money remittance can be the better option only after the standard of food processing improves in Nigeria. Hence, if one sends groceries or food from the USA, it definitely helps to save lives. 

Send food to Nigeria From USA Now!

The immediate action item for every Nigerian American is sending the food and grocery items to Nigeria from the USA. As a responsible human being, every Nigerian USA resident has to make this happen to save lives.

By sending more food and groceries to Nigeria will help to decrease the death rate. The most precious human resource should be provided with at least basic necessities.  

From the USA anyone can make food remittance from the website. This website helps to send the food and groceries without the shipment charges. 

The greatest achievement in life is saving lives. And if that is of humans then it is more noble work to do. It is not every time we get the opportunity to save human lives in a lifetime. Also,  saving the life of our own people gives extra pleasure!. So, what have you decided? Still thinking or will you send food to Nigeria from USA Now?

We are here at your service to assist you and always happy to help you. If you have any questions or queries regarding anything, please feel free to approach us. Reach us through  co[email protected], or give us a call at +1 (470)-209-0174.

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