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Bitrus Nabasu, Nigeria’s permanent secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology stated that around 90, 000 cases of contaminated food-related disorders are reported in Nigeria every year. Since ages, food poisoning has proven to be fatal for health. Nigeria, being the most populated country in Africa, has witnessed around 200,000 casualties just because of it. This number is disturbing and if in this article we will find out the impact of how this problem can be tackled if at least the immigrants who transfer money home, send groceries to Nigeria from the USA, UK or anywhere across the globe. 

Sudden deaths because of food poisoning are disheartening & we all need to take immediate steps in order to curb them. This situation majorly arises because of the consumption of contaminated food, sold by street vendors, often ignoring basic hygiene. Nigerian grocery stores try their best to sell good quality food but residents still choose local street food because of the proximity.

Every problem got a solution- Send food online and curb food poisoning

If you are a Nigerian living in the U.S and looking for a credible source to order groceries & essentials to get it delivered back home in Nigeria, then your search ends at Now Now Express. This platform allows you to send groceries to Nigeria from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and anywhere across the globe. Now Now Express guarantees that your loved ones in Nigeria get quality products within 3 hours! Thus putting a curb to food poisoning.

Advantages of Getting Healthy Groceries Delivered To Nigeria To Avoid poisoning

End your hunger pangs NOW if you have been craving for ethnic Nigerian food. Now Now Express brings you a wide range of Nigerian food products so that you no longer miss home-cook food.

Healthy groceries give a top-tier boost to immunity, thus preventing diabolical food poisoning. Tackle the menace of food poisoning in Nigeria with fresh groceries. When it comes to delivery, the food/grocery must be unadulterated and pure. To ensure that, we check the packaging process, the seller’s storage capacity and verify that the food shipped is fresh.  

Sending food is far more beneficial than just sending money to buy food. Here’s why:

1. You can ensure that your loved ones get authentic food!

2. They get convenient service saving their time & efforts as they no longer need to leave their house and go for grocery hunting. Our fulfillment partners will deliver it at their doorstep!

3. The quality and quantity of food is right to the mark!

4. You get fresh food within 3 hours of just placing an order!

So, tackle the problem of food poisoning like a pro with Now Now Express.

More Benefits of Ordering Groceries Online- Say no to food poisoning

Choosing Dry Fruits for your loved ones Driving You Nuts? Pick variety of nuts & dried fruits at the best offers. Buy dry fruits on NowNowExpress to replace unhealthy snacks.

You get the best at your pace.

Groceries ordered online are much more valuable as the freshness is sustained through a genuine source. They are free from adulteration and contaminants as they come from credible sources and our verified sellers. 

They are reasonable in price plus they can be obtained at your very own pace without wasting much effort and time.  

Delivering food to Nigeria from the USA is quite easy now. All you need to do is simply sign up on and curb the rising problems of food poisoning as well as other food-related health risks, with Now Now Express and let your loved ones enjoy the taste of fresh and great groceries.

Live a good life by eating fresh to curb food poisoning

We have integrated state-of-the-art Financial technologies (FinTech) and eCommerce services for people living across the borders. Now Now Expres cuts down the order-to-delivery time to just 3 hours for anywhere around the world and serves a wide range of essentials like fresh food, groceries, baby products, labtops-mobiles, fashion accessories and more! 

Now while sitting anywhere in the world, you can send food to Nigeria. While you order online, we serve your family members at their door-step. We, as a group of food retailers, wholesalers and producers, only carry genuine groceries and essentials. Keeping all of that aside, this could be the first step taken by you to empower your family as they eat the best! All this while you are sitting hundreds of miles away!

Also, if you still couldn’t find something on our platform, which you were looking for, just let us know and our Concierge service will do the rest. Basically, it delivers anything and everything to anywhere and everywhere!

Food poisoning is a major issue in Nigeria, but not for those who send groceries to Nigeria from the USA or anywhere across the globe using Now Now Express!

We are here at your service to assist you and always happy to help you. If you have any questions or queries regarding anything, please feel free to approach us. Reach us through  co[email protected], or give us a call at +1 (470)-209-0174.

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