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Yes, you can send food to Nigeria from anywhere! Just an update: Since August 2019, sending food to Nigeria from the USA, in fact, importing food from anywhere in the world to Nigeria has been prohibited by Muhammadu Buhari’s government and Central Bank of Nigeria to encourage local agriculture. This was done in order to boost local farming, especially for an agrarian economy like Nigeria. But there is a problem! Country’s agriculture produce is sent to local vendors and shops so that the local Nigerians can buy it from there. But lack of storage facilities and long delays in transporting perishable commodities to interiors often results in the non-accessibility of quality food in local stores. But there is a way for your loved ones to get the groceries at their doorsteps. Our customers from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia have been asking for quality food and groceries delivered in Nigeria and to ensure that only fresh food is delivered to their loved ones, you can choose Now Now Express to send food to Nigeria.

How Do We Deliver Food and Groceries To Nigeria?

Express that You care for your Loved Ones in Nigeria. Try NowNowExpress NOW to Send Groceries, Meal bundles, babycare items and much more. Show your care and love by gifting them Daily Essentials.

Our primary objective is to comply with the country’s laws without compromising quality. To do this, we have partnered with the top grocery sellers in Nigeria. We ensure the availability of products with our sellers based on these simple parameters: 

1. The listed products on the website are always available.

2. The sellers or the delivery partners can deliver fresh food products within few hours

3. Confirmation of a new order, packaging, and shipping is done at a much faster speed. Notifications are sent at every stage. 

We understand that the delivery of fresh food and groceries needs to be fast and any delay can impact the quality. Therefore, as soon as you place an order, the sellers are automatically notified and upon their confirmation, we start the shipping process right away.

In simple words, sitting in the U.S, UK or Canada, one can ask us anytime to deliver groceries to Nigeria. We then ensure that fresh food is delivered within a couple of hours and packed food within 2 to 3 days. 

We constantly update our inventories to provide more choices for you. And it is our responsibility to make sure that the product and delivery is up to the mark!

Now Now Express brings you Super Saver Offers on essentials, breakfast/meal bundles and cocoa beverages. Surprise Savers For Your Special Ones.

Why should you send food to Nigeria NOW via Now Now Express?

If you are looking for an authentic online grocery platform that can take your orders from anywhere in the world, giving you access to local Nigerian food that can be delivered within 24 hours anywhere in Nigeria, then Now Now Express is your go-to shop. 

When you send food to Nigeria through Now Now Express, you don’t just get a promise of quality but upfront discounts as well. We not only give you event-based discounts but also introduce special offers, referral offers, and more on a regular basis.

Good and fresh food is the fundamental requirement of your loved ones. A good grocery delivery service does not just ensure that your family members in Nigeria get the delivery at the right time but it also ensures that they get quality food. So, if you are still sending money to Nigeria and expecting your loved ones to visit local grocery stores and buy something with that cash, spending extra efforts and time, well think again! Why?

Every other day, new cases of food poisoning are reported and people living in Nigeria suffer the most. According to Professor Alfred Ihenkuronye, a Food and Science technology professor, over 200,000 people die every year in Nigeria due to food contamination during the processing and preservation stage. According to WHO, the parasites, bacteria, viruses, and even chemical substances present in the food are the major causes of food poisoning. And most of these cases come from local food vendors.

Send Food To Nigeria by Ordering from the best!

 If you belong to Nigerian diaspora living in the U.S and wish to get some quality rich foodstuffs delivered to your homeland, while you are sitting in the USA, then you MUST switch to Now Now Express. 

Now that you know why you should send food to Nigeria using Now Now Express, let us help you through the process of placing an order on our platform. 

What are the steps to send food to Nigeria?

You can avail our grocery express delivery service in Nigeria by following some simple steps. 

1. Simply visit

2. Register your email ID

3. Add your desired products to the cart

4. Add the shipping address of Nigeria where you want us to deliver the groceries

5. Make payments through available options after proceeding with the order

Once you place an order, you will be notified via email as well as SMS. You will also get notification about the status of your delivery. Also, in case you want further details or any specific message to be sent along with your delivery, just let us know and we will do it for you. And finally, the beneficiary will be contacted on the day of delivery!

Yepp, it’s that simple! Send Food To Nigeria And Save More

Order NOW to get FLAT $10 discount on your first order! For any query or feedback or if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on our website, just connect with us via our live chat, write to us at co[email protected], or give us a call at +1 (470)-209-0174.

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