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Despite our busy lives, more than occasionally we think of special ways to surprise our loved ones, particularly for those who live at a considerable distance to us. More than a surprise, it’s more about helping someone you know, with something they need but are not able to buy it for themselves.

With a boom in the e-commerce sector, a lot of online shopping websites try to attract consumers with lots of promises, in terms of delivering products anywhere in the world.

But do they actually deliver in Africa?

It’s often difficult to find a shopping site, which delivers products beyond boundaries -Now Now Express

If you do some reality check, you will be in a bit of shock to learn that even the world’s top online shopping giants, do not offer delivery of basic goods to African nations like Nigeria.
So, if you are someone living in the U.S, UK or Canada and looking to send essentials or special luxury products to your friends or family living back home in Nigeria within a day or two, what do you do, where do you order from and whom do you trust?

A customer rushing through product shelves in a super-market.- Now Now Express

Well, Now Now Express is the answer to all your queries. Now Now Express is a unique e-commerce website, which accepts orders for essentials, groceries, luxury items, clothes and much more, from those living in the U.S, UK and Canada and delivers them to their known ones in Nigeria.

There are a lot of products across various categories to choose from. Be it daily needs like rice, cooking oil, breakfast cereals and energy drinks; or baby products like diapers, wipes and walkers, Now Now Express has got hundreds of items, which you send as a gift, surprise or just as a friendly gesture to someone living in Nigeria.

For the diaspora community, it’s not physically possible to pick products from super-market and then ship it to their loved ones, back in homeland.-Now Now Express

NOW NOW EXPRESS is a great opportunity for Nigerian diaspora living in the US, UK and Canada, to express their love, support and care to their family and friends, back home.
Now Now Express sure comes handy for those also, who forgot the birthdays/anniversaries of their loved ones back home and now are desperately looking for a present to be delivered fast as this platform delivers the order in Nigeria within 1-7 working days.
Since delivery is free for any order above $150, you don’t pay anything extra at all. And for your loved ones, you will mostly shop for something near that amount, mostly!

Ordering is easy and payments are even easier if you have Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit card.

Nothing can be as convenient as ordering on Now Now Express for the ones, who love shopping beyond traditional methods and beyond borders.
If nothing, it makes you feel less guilty about not being there with your loved ones or someone you care about.

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  1. I like your site. I want to buy to protective face mask, hand santizer and groceries. Can you deliver to USA?

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