Send groceries online from USA to your loved ones in Nigeria and get your groceries within 180 minutes at the doorsteps of your loved ones. Yes, you read it right. Consumer behaviour concerning online grocery shopping is evolving very fast. The tech generation wants to purchase everything online, even groceries. The grocery industry is booming across the world. The global grocery markets forecast to create $1.9 trillion in opportunities by 2023. By 2021, the retail e-commerce revenue from food and beverage sales is estimated to reach up to $15.25 billion. 

However, there are countries like Nigeria, where internal technical infrastructure is still catching up. People living in Nigeria struggle to get the essentials delivered because of their lack of understanding of the technology. If not, then the fulfilment providers are unable to serve the public because of their limitations in seamlessly processing the payments, then being able to deliver the orders within the committed time.

Also, Nigeria doesn’t have an excellent reputation in terms of reliability. And a lot of people are hesitant to order anything online. But this is a common problem in every developing country – Social acceptance.

Meanwhile, Nigerian immigrants and emigrants whose loved ones are living in Nigeria continue to send remittances home in cash or through online money transfer. These wire transfers not only charge the senders a bomb but also takes a lot of time to reach the beneficiary sitting in Nigeria. Once it hits the beneficiary’s account in Nigeria, the conventional process of going to an ATM and then going to the grocery store starts again.

To overcome this problem and inconvenience, Now Now Express has provided an e-commerce platform that allows Nigerians living outside their country to do online grocery shopping for their loved ones who are living in Nigeria. Now, let’s take a look at the steps involved in shopping groceries from USA through Now Now Express.

As you send money from USA to Nigeria to your loved ones, you will incur hefty commissions charged by the Money Transfer Operators. And right now, we are not taking into account the hidden exchange rate margins!

Now your family member has to incur further transportation costs, get to an ATM, withdraw the cash, followed by visiting a local grocery store. Now think of carrying back a bag full of groceries all the way home.

The same can be done while sitting in the USA and sending a bundle of groceries online through Now Now Express. It will be convenient and save time and cost for you as well as your loved ones in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at all the advantages of sending groceries to Nigeria and how you can do it.

More Benefits of Sending Groceries to Nigeria from USA

Those days are gone when you didn’t have any choice. Either there were limited stores or selected e-commerce operators. The e-commerce world has eradicated all sorts of restrictions. Nowadays, you can easily compare two e-commerce grocery stores and select the best one as per your requirements. It’s a massive advantage as it will give you information about fraud sellers based on fake customer reviews and ratings. 

But here’s the problem! While surfing through the internet you might come through various online grocery stores.

To ensure that it is a reliable platform, you can check customer reviews. Also, some online grocery stores do not include the total bill or statement. We often noticed that some online grocery stores actually do not show the charges and then blame the payment provider. Such additional, moreover, hidden fees may spoil your experience. So, beware. But with Now Now Express, as you look select fresh groceries online, you can change the currency at any point in time to USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, INR, and NGN and view the exact amount for the shopping you do in the currency you choose. Also, you can pay using various payment options like VISA and MasterCard debit or credit card or PayPal. 

Why is it essential to send groceries to Nigeria NOW? 

Everyone in the entire globe is well aware and somehow affected by the current situation of coronavirus. As the condition worsens day by day, the Nigerian government, like all the federal governments, has requested its citizens to quarantine themselves at home. Being aware of the situation, Now Now Express is on its toes to help you out with the grocery shopping to avoid shortage and order the groceries for your family in Nigeria with a simple click. It is crucial to send groceries to your loved ones in Nigeria as the coronavirus has put the country in lockdown mode. By the looks of it, it would be the best to stock up! 

Being aware of the present scenario NNE is there to help you out. For further information or queries, contact us at [email protected]

Three steps you need to follow to Send Food to Nigeria from USA

As going to physical grocery stores is tedious and time-consuming, Now Now Express is here to help through our online grocery platform and a global reach. We are proud to be the fastest grocery delivery service in Nigeria. All you need to do is register on Now Now Express through your email id and start shopping online. You can sort your results as per the requirements in the default sorting option and select the preferred currency. 

The process of sending food to Nigeria is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is:

1. Visit through your smartphone/laptop/computer 

2. Select what you want to send to Nigeria from USA 

3. Add all your items to the cart and proceed with the payment. 

As soon as you make the payment, your order will be registered, and we will start the shipping process. Sit on the couch and keep your eyes at the tickling clock. 

Here goes the doorbell, and boom! A Now Now Express delivery executive is at your shipping address with the groceries you asked. We always ask for your phone number and that of the person who will receive the groceries in Nigeria. We keep you updated about the status of your order via text messages as well as email. 

Your loved ones deserve the best. Become one of the hundreds of our premium customers who are enjoying the shopping experience at It’s your time now. 

To avail premium benefits along with our exciting discounts while sending groceries to Nigeria from USA, register on today! Sorry, we mean Now!

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