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Are you looking to send groceries to Nigeria to your family, but you cannot decide what to send? Well, then meal bundles are your answer! When you select a bunch instead of the individual product(s), you get the best products in the best proportions and at the lowest cost. Without beating around the bush, let’s take a look at the top 5 meal bundles you can order on Now Now Express today! 

1. Meal Essential Bundle 7

    Price: $43.67 

This meal bundle contains:

    1. Golden penny spaghetti (10units)

    2. Nor chicken cubes (100 pcs) 

    3. Mr. Chef Salt (250g X 5 units)

    4. Gino Tin Tomatoes (400g  X 3units)

    5. Kings pure vegetable oil. (4 liters X 1 unit)

    6. Okumo Banga Red Palm Oil (4 liters X 1 unit)

These items are of the best brand and very healthy to use. If you are looking for products which can satisfy all your daily needs, this combo is the best. For families with significant members, this bundle can be beneficial.

It contains Golden penny spaghetti, which is a dried cylindrical pasta that is easy to cook in just 10 minutes. Filled with carbs, essential fats, other nutrients, this can be eaten plain with stew, vegetables, fried in tomato puree, etc. Then we have Nor chicken cubes, which are the perfect substitute for the whole chicken and are easy to boil and make. Tomatoes, being a crucial part of the bundle, are the source of Carotenoid pigment lycopene. That means they provide a significant amount of vitamin K and support bone health. 

King’s vegetable is one of the healthy oils available in the market. Mr. Chef salt is pure and pink, which is indeed the purest form of salt. The red palm oil reduces cholesterol levels, slows heart disease, enhances Vitamin A status, and many more uses. The Okumo Banga red palm oil has been there in Nigeria since 1976 and is trusted a lot.

2. Meal Essential Bundle 5

     Price: $36.87

     1. Golden penny spaghetti (10 units)

    2. Nor chicken cubes (100 pcs) 

    3. Mr. Chef Salt (250g X 5 units)

    4. Gino Sachet Tomatoes (70g  X 10units)

    5. Kings pure vegetable oil. (2 liters X 1 unit)

    6. Okumo Banga Red Palm Oil (2 liters X 1 unit)

If you are looking for a  more economical bundle to buy, this one is the deal. For people with small families or if only two people are there in the house, this meal is a perfect buy. 

3.  Breakfast Combo 5

     Price: $13.52 

     1. Milo (500gm packet)

     2. Dano Full Cream (400gm packet) 

     3. Dano Golden morn (500gm packet)

People these days have forgotten about having healthy breakfasts in the morning, so this combo will help people be more robust and energetic and give their 100 per cent. Milo has the goodness of malt, milk, cocoa, and vitamins and minerals. And Dano instant milk powder is enriched with 28 vitamins and minerals for high nutrition. Golden morn contains Vitamin A and calcium, which makes it very healthy, and by the same company – Dano – there’s full cream milk powder for the adults!

4. Kiddies Mini Bundle

     Price: $22.82

     1. Kellogg’s coco pops (450g X 1 unit)

     2.Golden Morn (500g X 1 unit)

     3.Golden penny cubed sugar (500g X 1 unit)

     4.Three crown milk powder (400g X 1 unit)

It is crucial to give the best protein diet to the youngest in the house – the kids! This combo does just that! The golden morn will help the kids to be more healthy. Kids these days like excellent and tasty breakfasts, and they love these kinds of products as they complete their protein diet in this as well as kids eat it happily rather than eating vegetables sometimes. And in the end, a 400g Milk powder by 3 Crown is, of course, an essential part of the kiddies meal bundle!

5. Beverage Bundle 1

     Price: $9.83

     1. Milo (500g X 1 unit)

     2. Dano Cool Cow (400g X 1 unit)

Well, this is the bundle that every family can use to fulfil their all-day beverage requirements. Chocolate and malt powder of Milo with Dano’s instant milk powder will satisfy the daily supplement needs. Being a low-fat alternative to whole milk, this combo will inject Vitamins into the body while you take the sip of the delicious chocolate flavour!

Choose the Best Bundle for Yourself and Your Family!

So if you are planning to buy products for your family living in Nigeria, these are the top 5 meal bundles provided by Now Now Express that you can send combined rather than selecting and search for individual products.  So, order now to get the meal bundles NOW!

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