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Nigeria is one of the growing economies. The main problem of developing economies is the inequalities in wealth. The increase in population is always another problem these countries should tackle. In Nigeria, over one-third of the population lives below the poverty line. And every year, over 7 million babies are being born. The future of emerging nations is always in the hands of the young generation. Hence the upbringing of children matters to build the country. Thus helping the people and babies is the necessity. To do so, anyone can send baby products to Nigeria from USA.  

Using Now Now Express, you can send the needed items to Nigeria. Let us see how you can help the people of Nigeria and the future of the country.

Top 5 Baby Products you Can Send to Nigeria

Boots Baby Talc Gentle & Mild 500 G

Who doesn’t like to be well-groomed and pampered? Using this baby product helps to avoid diaper rashes and keeps your baby safe and clean. And the mild scent gives a refreshing feeling for your baby.

How To use

Sprinkle powder on the baby’s skin and apply it gently after the bath. 


Talc, Zea mays, Fragrance, Dipropylene glycol.


Content – 500 Gram

Type – Baby PowderOrder Now – Order Baby Talc on Now Now Express.

Eldorin My Boy Infant Formula 0-12 Months 400 G

In Nigeria, each year, more than 700,000 people die because of consuming contaminated food. It includes healthy adults, as well. So, to get all the nutrition into the kids for his healthy growth, this baby food formula can become the best replacement for even breastmilk.

How To Use

This is the replacement for breastmilk. Feed your baby this instant formula whenever they are hungry. 


Proteins, minerals, fats, and carbs, vitamins, and other nutrients. 


Ideal for – 0 to 12 months babies

Content – 400 GramsOrder Now – Order Baby Food on Now Now Express.

Cussons Baby Oil Mild & Gentle 400 Ml

This baby oil comes with the 400 ML bottle. Which helps to keep the child’s skin neat and glow. This oil helps to moisture the baby’s skin for a long time. A gentle massage from this oil helps to relax the body and encourages a peaceful sleep at night.

Besides, using this oil helps to get rid of problems like skin irritation, dry skin, itchy skin, and rough skin problems.

How To Use

Gently apply this oil on the baby’s skin after the bath.


Chamomile oil, natural fragrance


Ideal for – Babies

Content – 400 ML

Type – Baby OilOrder Now – Order Baby Oil on Now Now Express.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size 5, (One Month Supply) (132 Count)

Pamper diapers keep your baby healthy by preventing the spreading of bacterias. It is the #1 best selling and trusted diaper in the USA. 

This diaper provides the comfort and softness of a lightweight cloth and keeps your baby skin clean and dry. This single package of 132 is enough diapers to keep your baby healthy and fresh for at least a month.


Each diaper provides 12-hour protection

Product Dimensions: 25.1 x 48.3 x 28.1 cm ; 3.98 Kg

Count – 132 Diapers

Sizing chart – 5 Order Now – Order Pampers Diaper on Now Now Express.

Cussons Baby Lotion Soft & Smooth 200 Ml

This baby cream is one of the best products you can order from Now Now Express. The 200 ML pack has moisturizing and smooth absorption qualities with a mild floral scent. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and smooth. 

The continuous usage of these cream keeps your baby away from dry skin and rashes problems.

How To Use

Gently apply and massage on the baby’s skin.


Mil formulation

Dermatologically tested

Balanced pH level


Content – 200 ML

This almond oil nourishes the skin, and you can easily order this by clicking this link – Order Baby Lotion on Now Now Express.

These are the top five baby products you can order and bring a smile on your loved family members. If there’s anything you would like to suggest from your end, just let us know, and we will get it for you no matter where you are and where you want anything to get delivered!

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