8 types of rice

When we speak about the daily need for food and groceries, then rice plays a vital role. Whether it’s time for lunch or dinner, we’d like rice at least once every day. So, if you want to send rice to Nigeria, using Now Now Express, here are the top 5 types of rice you can choose from:

Bull Rice

Bull rice is locally produced by an agro-allied company named West African Cotton Company(WACOT). Bull rice is on the market in 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg packages. These rice packages are often purchased from any Spar Nigeria’s outlets across the country.

India gate rice

India gate rice is that the exotic class Basmati rice. It’s the composite of all the attributes of a real Basmati rice grain. It’s white pearl grain, which is smooth, extra-long, and further fine. These qualities are essential as a part of all quality rice recipes and your platter to relish.

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is long grain aromatic rice, which is being grown for several centuries within the specific region at the Himalayan foothills of the Indian subcontinent. There are 26 kinds of Basmati which are noticed under the Seed Act. India is the leading exporter of Basmati rice within the global market.

Caprice Premium Thai Preboiled Rice

Certain processes like soaking produce this form of Thai preboiled rice, along with pressure steaming and drying before milling. These processes modify the starch and permit the retention of natural vitamins and minerals within the kernel. The color of those Caprice Premium Thai Preboiled Rice is slightly yellowish, although the color mostly fades after cooking.

Royal Stallion Thai Preboiled Rice

Royal Stallion Thai Preboiled Rice is packed in 10kg bags, which are super economical and affordable. This rice is premium super-sized long grain rice. They’re also very nutritious, non-sticky, and delicious.

Natco Rice Flakes Powa

Powa is additionally a sort of rice product. Powa is nothing but rice that has been preboiled, rolled, flattened, so dried to supply flakes. These flakes also are available differing kinds of thicknesses which are looking at the quantity of the pressure employed in the flattening process. They’re small, very light, about 2mm long flat and greyish white. You gotta give it a try.

Mama’s Pride Parboiled Rice

Mama’s Pride Preboiled rice may be a premium quality of Nigerian grown parboiled rice. It contains natural nutrition as it is specially processed and packaged with high and good quality grains. This rice is completely stone-free and also fast and simple to cook with an end product that’s firm and non-sticky.

Ayoola Foods Rice Flour

This rice flour is made by finely grinding the polished rice. It’s also one of the favorite foods within the northern parts of Nigeria. This flour also incorporates a form of uses prefer it is often employed in the assembly of rice bread, noodles, cakes and desserts. It’s mainly available in 0.9kg and 1.8kg pack sizes.

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