Top Reasons to Send Grocery to Nigeria Online

Everyone would agree to the fact that technology is changing the way groceries are bought for domestic purposes. Unlike the conventional method, in which groceries were bought through physical stores, now it has gone all virtual.

The above change not only applies to developed countries but is applicable in developing countries as well. A popular example is Nigeria. The Nigerians rely heavily on the e-commerce stores for buying the day-to-day items like groceries and other such essential items.

The dependence of Nigerians on online stores is because physical stores have become fragmented. Moreover, they are not sufficient enough to cater to the food demands of the Nigerians.

The popular e-commerce websites like Now Now Express are filling the gaps left by supermarkets in Nigeria. A popular e-commerce store offers a diverse collection of food items on its store and therefore, helps Nigerians in meeting their food requirements. If you think why you should use Now Now Express for food delivery, following are some of the reasons!

When you have any doubts regarding NowNow Express, have a look at the below points.

Online delivery saves resources

When you place an order on e-commerce websites, you will get the food delivery at home by a delivery assistant. The conventional method of buying food from a brick and mortar store involves too much time and money. However, with the help of e-commerce websites, these two things will be saved. 

Let’s take one example. If you are staying in the USA and you want to send groceries to Nigeria, you will have to:

  • place an order
  • it will be processed
  • you will get a confirmation
  • it will be shipped from USA to Nigeria,
  • and within one week, it will be delivered (if everything goes as per the plan). 

However, with Now Now Express, on a single click, you can place your order, and with the help of our verified local fulfillment partners, the groceries will be delivered in Nigeria within just 3 hours!

Importance to hygiene

Sending grocery to Nigeria through Now Now Express ensures that the groceries delivered in Nigeria are hygienic. How do we do it? Well, the packing of food items is done after passing it through a quality assurance procedure, and the contact tracking of the food processing and packaging is checked before enlisting any local vendor on the platform. As a result, the food delivered is safe, healthy, and free from all sorts of contamination.

Groceries are authentic

Multiple customers who migrated from other platforms to Now Now Express gave just one reason for the switch – the groceries delivered from the local stores by the previous service providers were not genuine. Many cases have been reported in Nigeria, where the individuals didn’t get the thing they ordered. However, when you make a booking online, you get precisely the product you viewed on the website. And through our verified network of manufacture, distribution, and retail, the product is carried through authentic channels. So, originality is bound to come.

Food demand gets controlled

When you don’t send food to Nigeria online, the food demand may not meet, especially during times when it is the need of the hour. The Nigerian government reported that most of the deaths due to food deprivation happen, because food doesn’t reach the Nigerians within time. But as the online stores, like Now Now Express stepped up, these deaths were reduced. The reason being, there was adequate food storage, zero-middlemen involvement, and everyone, who was supposed to get the essentials, got his share. Online stores have given a new lease of life to Nigerians, with their quick availability of groceries.

Food is available round the clock

In the departmental stores run by the Nigerian government or private bodies, there are restrictions on timings. You will not get the food all the time. But when you place an online order, the enlisted items are always at your disposal, round the clock.

As a US Nigerian or a Nigerian immigrant from anywhere across the globe, you can easily send food to Nigeria, or place an order for any other essentials through our online store anytime. The online store takes orders round the clock, and the groceries can be delivered 24*7. 

Get discounts           

Apart from the general advantages like good food, quick delivery, there are other things as well that may attract you! These are nothing but huge discounts that everyone looks for in e-commerce stores. With every order, you get up to 35% discounts along with other special offers.

Concluding thoughts

The rise of online e-commerce stores has had a positive effect on Nigerians, but the problem lies in the execution. To fill the gaps of storage, delivery, and all-round the best eCommerce experience, send groceries to Nigeria from the USA using Now Now Express today!

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