send food to nigeria from usa in this pandamic

No one in one’s wildest dreams could someone expect a deadly virus like Covid-19 to disorder the whole world the way it has. In this challenging time, you should prepare for the worst and start stocking pure groceries to cope up with the days to come. Although food doesn’t spread the virus, stocking up is the best way forward. Every day, governments around the world are taking strong measures to limit the crowd. It seems like Nigeria will also follow suit. So, now is the time when you should send groceries to Nigeria from USA and future proof your loved ones as well along with yourself!

Global Spread of Coronavirus 

To date, there are a total of 134,327 reported cases of this virus, which has led to 4,969 deaths, and approximately 68,898 people are showing symptoms of this deadly virus. 

The global markets are falling. People are losing their jobs and their source of livelihood. By the looks of it, this scheme of events does not show any signs of improvement.

In this situation, we must take the best preventive measures. Keep your hands clean, avoid physical contact, wear masks, and refrain from visiting crowded places. And it is your responsibility to ensure that your friends and family in Nigeria do the same. In this time of concern, you must get the food groceries and all the essentials delivered to your home in the US and Nigeria. In developed countries, yes, there are multiple ways to get fresh groceries and daily-use items delivered but not Nigeria! And as time goes, just like other parts of the world, Nigeria is also witnessing significant growth in the numbers of Covid-19 cases.

How is Coronavirus impacting Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the origin of the fatal pandemic of coronavirus infection was confirmed on 27 February 2020. It came into the notice of people when an Italian resident in Lagos, Nigeria, was tested positive for the same virus, caused by SARS-CoV-2. 

Apart from that, on 9 March 2020, one more patient of the Coronavirus was identified in Ewekoro. It was also confirmed that this Nigerian citizen had some contact with an Italian citizen.

Many other cases were reported, identified, and now have been found positive in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Buhari’s government and officials seem to be on their toes dealing with this issue.

How is the Government of Nigeria answering back to the coronavirus spread?

Nigeria was among the leading 13 African countries, which revealed the magnitude of the fatal novel virus. That is the primary reason why several responsible forums of Nigeria have braced up more stiffly to combat the virus.

On 28 January 2020, the Federal government of Nigeria assured citizens of Nigeria of its eagerness to reinforce management at five major international airports in Nigeria to curb off the possibilities of the novel Coronavirus. The airports will now operate with more dedicated efforts under surveillance, and in case of any recklessness or carelessness, they have been ordered to be seized. The renowned Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, on the very same day, ensured that they had established a Coronavirus Preparedness group to mitigate the damage. They also assured the public that they are ready with further escalation measures if more cases evolve in Nigeria.  

Today, everyone is doing the best they can. And it is your responsibility as well. If you are in the US and want to help your loved ones in Nigeria, be it acquaintances, friends, or family members in Nigeria, let us know! Just place your order, and we will stock them up with fresh groceries and food as well as all the essentials they need to combat Coronavirus. 

Stay safe, maintain sanitation and proper hygiene and let Now Now Express to assist you to do the same!

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