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The outbreak of Covid – 19 has created a large amount of demand for the hand sanitizer. Scientists and doctors consider the sanitizers with alcohol content a potent cleanser for protecting us against bacteria and other microorganisms.

The usage of alcohol as an antiseptic is not a new thing for humans. If you see the history of humanity, you can figure out that alcohol usage as antiseptic exists from the 13th century itself. But scientists discovered using the alcohol as a raw material in the 19th century. The vast usage of hand sanitizers in Europe started after the 1980s. 

Hand sanitizer is a gel or liquid used to reduce the power of infectious bacteria and viruses. The World Health Organisation has included alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the list of essential medicines. And now the world is behind the masks and hand sanitizers because of the pandemic effects. 

How to use hand sanitizers?

The hand sanitizers are very convenient to use and easy to carry with you. But to get the effectiveness of sanitizers, select the sanitizer, which comprises at least 60 percent of alcohol. The other non-alcohol based sanitizer or alcohol portion with less than 60 percent is not effective since they just reduce the growth of germs instead of killing them. It contains Ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which kills the germs and bacteria immediately. 

The usage of these products is simple. Place the recommended amount of hand sanitizer on one of your palms. (To get the right idea of how much quantity is optimal, read the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the package). Rub your hands together by covering all parts of the hands, including between your fingers. And continue to rub till it becomes dry.

To work it effectively, one has to apply in large volume as directed in the package, and one should wait until it dries automatically. The little quantity and improper application of the hand sanitizer will not benefit since the germs will not die if you do so. The other important thing to remember is that the alcohol content should be over 60%, but don’t get the notion that a higher alcohol percentage is more beneficial. Because to work sanitizer at an ideal level, it needs some water content, increasing the alcohol content reduces the water and makes it less potent. 

When to apply hand sanitizers?

The question many people have about hand sanitizers is, can we apply the sanitizer all the time? The answer is NO. Because, as per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Preventions) recommendation, one should use the hand sanitizers only when one cannot be able to wash the hands using water and soap.

Hence, we should remember one thing, that is sanitizers are not the substitute for soap and water. But it is the last option in situations when there are no accessibilities to water and soap. Washing the hands with soap and water will kill the germs and microorganisms living on the hands. But we cannot wash our hands every time. Hence the necessity of hand sanitizer arises. 

Hand sanitizers quickly reduce the number of microbes on the hands, but it won’t kill norovirus, Clostridium difficile, and Cryptosporidium. Usage of soap can kill these elements. However, it protects the common viruses and bacteria by destroying them entirely. 

However, you can use the hand sanitizer as an additional cover. After washing the hands with soap, applying the hand sanitizer will help to kill the microbes which are still living in your hands. It acts as double insurance for a healthy and safe living.

The advantages of Hand sanitizers are.

  • It requires less time to wash your hands compared to water and soap.
  • Immediately kills the germs.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Suitable for many kinds of skins, as a result, skin allergies will be less.
  • Easily accessible than sinks, water, and soap.

Hence keeping a hand sanitizer in the pocket or your bag is a great precaution you can take while traveling. 

When Not to Use the Hand sanitizers?

If you know what not to do things in life, knowing what to do comes as a free package! As we already discussed, using sanitizer is appropriate only when you cannot be able to use water and soaps. But there are other situations where you should avoid using the sanitizers. 

When your hands are visibly dirty and greasy, avoid using the sanitizer, and using it with water is highly recommended. However, some studies show that hand sanitizers work well in case when hands are slightly greasy and dirty. But there is no concrete evidence to prove that. Hence sticking with basics works here.

We do not recommend hand sanitizer usage for the removal of harmful and strong chemicals. There are chances of adverse effects if you use the hand sanitizer to remove pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals. In these cases, also usage of water and soap is the optimum solution.

Our Recommendation – Septol Hand Sanitizer 500ml.

With the outbreak of pandemic disease Covid -19, the essentialness of hand sanitizers is increased. In many of the countries, we see the acute shortage of hand sanitizers to cater to the needs of all people. 

But we have the stock of the hand sanitizer. The septol hand sanitizer is the product we offer to the public to order online. You can place an order online and send this essential medicine to Nigeria with a few clicks. 

This hand sanitizer comes with a 500ML bottle. This product has produced as per the guidelines of WHO. It means this sanitizer has over 60% of alcohol content. It eliminates germs and bacteria, causing dangerous diseases within a matter of seconds. Adding to this, it is very affordable, and it gives excellent value for money. 

You can get this product at just $10.85 here. We are providing a discount of $10 for the first purchases of $50 or more. 

To sum up, because of the handiness, portability, and convenience, the usage of hand sanitizer is suggested. To get additional protection over many viruses and germs, it is necessary. Just you need to ensure when not to use this product, that’s all! So, are you ready to combat Covid-19 and many more germs and viruses that exist and are coming? If not, buy the sanitizer and be prepared, because it is better to be safe rather than sorry! 

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